Adventures Across the Barricades

adventures approaching and across the mysterious barricades

The Mysterious Barricades

Welcome to base camp. Crossing the Barricades is the objective. We are all on our way - the path leading from what seems to be real to what is real. 

This is a place to be at peace. Sometimes to laugh, sometimes to weep. Sometimes just to reflect or smile or wonder. 

There is no specific content. Repetition, blindly, would be an ending. Begin again. Be a child once more and run through puddles. Please be comfortable.

We try so hard to please, and find ourselves unsatisfied; we try to be loved and feel little in respsonse. What we need is purity - of thought, heart, love. Some may say that this desire is pointless. I find nothing more important. On this website you will find poetry by others, my poetry, photographs - some my own and some borrowed. They were put here because they meant something to me. Perhaps they might mean something to you also. I hope you feel at home here. It is not a place of argument or debate or words pointed to making people feel uncomfortable. At times, the poems might seem "heavy" - other times they might feel "light". Either way, those that are mine are words from my heart. They have touched me in some way.

And please comment where you find something has touched you. 

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